Bibliography and Resources



Theory and Critical Approaches to Othello (feminist, new historicist, marxist and post-colonial)

Interview with three different actors who have played Iago

Othello: the role that entices and enrages actors of all skin colours

Kim Hall’s Texts and Contexts for Othello

Playing Othello by actor Hugh Quarshie


Shakespeare and Digital Humanities

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Collections and Places to Explore

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (large collection of Shakespeare related material)

Search the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

Folger Shakespeare Library’s Digital image Collection

Shakespeare Search on Rhymezone (search the entire Shakespeare corpus for specific words or phrases)

Good Tickle Brain (Shakespeare via Comics!)

Folger Shakespeare Library (the world’s largest Shakespeare collection; located in Washington, DC)

Biographical Index of English Drama Before 1660 (complete annotated list of playwrights, actors, patrons, musicians, and miscellaneous other people active in English drama before 1660)

Furness Theatrical Image Collection (more than 2000 prints and photographs from mostly the 19th century in relation to productions of plays by Shakespeare and his contemporaries)

Designing Shakespeare (Audio-Visual Archive of Shakespeare from 1960-2000)


Digital Editions of Shakespeare

Folger Digital Editions of Shakespeare’s Plays

OpenSourceShakespeare (Shakespeare’s complete works, available for free, and searchable)

Digital Facsimile of the Bodleian First Folio of Shakespeare’s Plays

Early Modern Theater History

The Diary of Samuel Pepys (full text of Pepys’ diary, searchable, with hyperlinked content)

Early Modern Drama Database (tables with data — older website, but still useful)

The Compendium of Renaissance Drama (older website, but fun to browse)

The Henslowe-Alleyn Digitization Project (digital copies of the Henslowe-Alleyn papers which reveal information about the employment of dramatists and actors like Ben Jonson and Thomas Dekker)

REED Online (searchable records of drama, secular music, and other popular entertainment in England from the Middle Ages until 1642)

Early Modern London Theatres (research database that includes pre-1642 documents related to professional performance in purpose-built theatres and other permanent structures in the London area)



Performances, Theatre Companies, Festivals

MIT Global Shakespeare (open access video and performance archive)

Shakespeare’s Globe (website for The Globe Theatre)

Website for “The Theatre”, a playhouse from 1576

Royal Shakespeare Company (London)

American Shakespeare Center

Stratford Festival (Canada)

Oregan Shakespeare Festival

Shakespeare in the Park (NYC)

Redbull Theater (NYC)

Cheek By Jowl (London)


Performance Research

The Queens Men (a research-creation experiment that includes performance research and resources)

Three Ladies of London (Performance as Research in Early English Theatre Studies)

Staging the Henrician court (an archive of the research project with a video of a performance of Heywood’s The Play of the Weather and films of interviews with key members of the project)



Approaching Shakespeare with Dr. Emma Smith

Not Shakespeare with Dr. Emma Smith

The Bodleian Libraries (includes some episodes on Shakespeare)

Shakespeare Unlimited (from the Folger Shakespeare Library)

Bard Times (Early Modern Theatre Podcast)

HowIRound (Theatre History Podcast)